What games can be played live online

Many fans and professionals choose the atmosphere of the casino, where they fully feel the atmosphere, the thrill is greater and the emotion is indescribable. Fortunately, today technology offers to enjoy the experience from a distance, trusting live casino games . Know now what they are and what types are available online. What are their advantages and others.

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What are Palms Bet live casino games?

Usually, this is a separate section in the gambling platform, online casino games singapore where instead of a computer, on the other side is a real dealer. This allows to fully experience the emotion from a distance without having to go to a certain place. In this format, Palms Bet often even hosts entire tournaments. It is now quite possible to transfer the real situation to your mobile device, so that the thrill and emotion of the live game is preserved to the maximum, but without your physical presence in the online casino.

Contact with the croupier is entirely possible and you are actually talking to a real person, not a machine. You have a complete picture of the room itself and the opportunity to experience the pleasure of being present, even if you are not on site.

What types of live games are available at Palms Bet?

When you prefer this format, you have the opportunity to test your luck or skills at:

  • Casino Hold’em;
  • Blackjack;
  • Roulette;
  • Baccarat;
  • Poker.

That is, you have access to both card-playing events and the table. No matter that you participate completely virtually, this happens in real time and with real people, and the bonuses, bets and winnings are also completely real.

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How to play?

Palms Bet has a special live section where, upon entering, you will see thumbnails of the various casinos. You can choose the type of game and even watch the process without betting or participating – just stand as a bystander. When you select the desired gambling entertainment, you can click on it and a larger separate window will open, through which you can now take advantage of various options.

What are the benefits?

Here are the main benefits of choosing a live casino at Palms Bet:

  • Direct contact with the dealer is the same as in a traditional gambling establishment;
  • Confidence is greater as a real person spins the roulette wheel and deals the cards;

Betting and payouts are electronic, the accuracy of the process is faster and more accurate, where the human error factor is excluded.

Live gaming – the fastest growing trend in online casinos

Casino games with real dealers are becoming increasingly popular among consumers, and roulette is no exception.

One of the great advantages of this type of game is the interaction with the wheel dealer and with other users. Live chat systems replace the feeling of a real casino, and the best part is that your acquaintances can be accommodated next to you, no matter where in the world they play.

After the land-based casinos closed in March, many of the “old gamblers” tried the innovative offerings of online casinos, and only live games gave them the atmosphere of a real gaming hall.

Live games are also perfect for another type of player. Those who think that casinos always cheat. Each rotation of the wheel is broadcast in real time, from several different angles and with an uncompromising quality picture.