Video poker online casino: the great game Aces and Faces

The main attractions for players: the possibility to bet on several hands at the same time and an exciting bonus that will allow you to double your winnings, if luck is right for you, after having obtained a winning hand.

Aces and Faces features

This mode is played with a 52-card card, without jokers. As in any video poker game , the first step for the player is to decide the amount of credits to bet , respecting the maximum bets allowed.

Once you place your bet , you will be dealt 5 cards for you to build the best possible winning combination. The player will have the option to change the cards he considers to improve his hand and in the case of obtaining a combination greater than the pair of Jacks, he will obtain his winnings depending on the strength of the hand and the payouts established for each Video Poker game Online Casino .

So far there are no big differences with any variation of the video poker game options, is it?

Double or nothing Video Poker Casino

This is where the fun begins. Every time you have a winning hand on it, the option to double your winnings will appear, it will then be your decision if you feel lucky.

In some games, the double or nothing bonus consists of selecting from 4 covered cards, one of a higher value than the assigned card. Other games use more creative options like dice, but the goal is the same and depends entirely on luck. For this reason, this option is not recommended when you have obtained a good prize with a high combination. It is best when you have low hands and the risk would not be so high.…